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Sep 28, 2012

Not surprised at farm bill failure to launch1

Since sometime last spring I’ve been skeptical of the likelihood that the U.S. Congress would pass a farm bill this year. My skepticism was well-....More
Sep 28, 2012

As summer wanes, winter lurks, a few precious days of perfection

Thanks to abnormal rainfall during what, in these parts, is traditionally an almost rainless July and August, fields and roadways that by now would....More
Sep 24, 2012

Consumer Reports’ Boogeyman of the Month3

A new Consumer Reports study says levels of arsenic is rice are "worrisome." But their findings seem a bit premature....More
Sep 21, 2012

Honey bees – take a walk on the light side2

Some want to blame pesticides for the decline in the health of honeybees and other pollinators. But those close to the issue know it's due to an....More
Sep 18, 2012

As farm bill falters the fat lady sings a dirge1

Reports say that House leadership is canceling the chamber’s October work session. If that stands, it means the House will have been in session eight....More
Sep 17, 2012

Lowell Catlett, futurist, motivates and entertains

If you ever get a chance to hear Lowell Catlett speak, do so. You will not regret it. Buy a ticket if you have to. The experience will be worth the....More
Sep 14, 2012

When only machines have jobs, what then do we do with people?3

The dilemma increasingly confronting our society is the utilization of technology/automation to eliminate, insofar as possible, any need for humans....More
Sep 11, 2012

What happens if Congress fails to act on House farm bill?2

Farmers face the prospect of not having a farm bill in 2012 or ever if Congress fails to seize the opportunity presented during the short business....More
Sep 10, 2012

‘The Survivor Tree,’ like agriculture, embodies resilience

Eleven years ago this month, America absorbed a horrific blow from terrorism. But terrorists underestimated our resiliency....More
Sep 07, 2012

And with that mint iced tea I’ll have some napalm, please6

If you’ve ever made the mistake of planting mint in anything other than an inch thick steel container from which it cannot possibly escape, you know....More
Sep 04, 2012

Choose organic if you like, just not for nutrition advantages2

A recent study by Stanford University dispels the myth that organic foods—fruits and vegetables, grains, milk, eggs and meat products—are more....More
Aug 31, 2012

Defaults send chilling signal to cotton shippers3

As world cotton supplies dwindled in 2011, nervous end users in foreign countries bought hundreds of thousands of bales of high-priced U.S. cotton to....More
Aug 31, 2012

As lure of China’s cheap labor dims, more jobs may be returning to U.S.1

As wages in China and other low cost countries have risen and transportation costs have escalated, companies are beginning to move jobs back to the U....More
Aug 24, 2012

Farm group coalition faces uphill battle

The coalition formed by the nation's largest farm organizations will find persuading House leaders to pass a new farm bill a tough sell....More
Aug 24, 2012

U.S. energy independence by 2020? Uhh, haven’t we heard this before?2

Our energy appetite is voracious — and Mideast oil is, for the foreseeable future, the easiest way to feed that hunger....More
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