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Oct 27, 2014

Consumer Reports should stick to toaster ovens

Consumer Reports can tell us all about automobiles and toaster ovens. Biotechnology, not so much....More
Oct 22, 2014

Anti-GMO campaign fails to percolate1

Anti-GMO groups thought a mass social media campaign would force Starbucks toward organic-friendly Frappuccinos. Fortunately, the attack failed to....More
Oct 20, 2014

U.S. and Mexico are ‘rising stars’ in manufacturing competitiveness

The wage differential between the U.S. and China isn’t as big as it once was. One major factor in the change is the increasing advantage the U.S. has....More
Oct 17, 2014

Ill-advised pesticide ban costing European farmers up to half their crops

European Union farmers plowing up rapeseed crops after flea beetles take out up to 50 percent of their crops....More
Oct 13, 2014

And with that glass of iced tea, a heaping helping of sticker shock

As food prices spiral ever upward — despite the government bean counters’ ongoing insistence that food inflation is negligible — restaurants have....More
Oct 02, 2014

Don Self’s love for peanuts won friends far and wide

Although he and his father were for years mostly cotton and soybean farmers, when a peanut company was looking for growers in northeast Mississippi,....More
Oct 01, 2014

Modern agriculture like farming in a fishbowl

New weed control technologies will demand stewardship of technology and perception....More
Sep 24, 2014

Genetic engineering – just scratching the surface2

Misunderstanding usually accompanies the advent of a revolutionary technology, but resistance typically dissipates as benefits become too substantial....More
Sep 22, 2014

Long days, fatigue heighten risk of accidents during harvest period

With harvest season moving into full swing across the Mid-South, and Sept. 21-27 designated “National Farm Safety and Health Week,” the “Let’s be....More
Sep 22, 2014

Yet another organic study falls short2

New study says organic healthier, but other scientists beg to differ....More
Sep 15, 2014

The Dark Continent: Increasing potential as a global economic power1

Analysts predict that an increasingly urbanized Africa can be a $1 trillion food market by 2030, leaps and bounds ahead of the current $315 billion....More
Sep 09, 2014

Net farm income declining as production costs rise, prices fall

Net farm income is down, input costs are rising and prices are falling, but U.S. farmers are still the best in the world....More
Sep 08, 2014

What’s losing a pot of parsley if beautiful butterflies result?

The pot of parsley on the back patio is now nothing but a gaggle of green stems jutting out haphazardly, all the curly, frilly leaves having been....More
Sep 04, 2014

Court strikes down county’s attempt to regulate farms

Another county attempts to impose control over farming operations, but this time, a judge rules against it....More
Aug 28, 2014

Genetically-engineered tobacco plants aid in new Ebola drug

Biotechnology can do more than help farmers be more profitable. It can provide a number of health benefits for world citizens....More
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