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Feb 01, 2013

As U.S. becomes more fuel-efficient fund for roads/bridges nears empty1

While the cost of gas has ranged all over the map in the two decades since 1993, one thing hasn’t changed: the federal tax on gasoline....More
Jan 29, 2013

Fire ants vs. Benadryl a battle of pain

A fire ant attack is a moment of blind panic; an initial frozen blink of time when you realize you’re being swarmed by ant devils. Panic steps aside....More
Jan 29, 2013

Depends outselling Pampers a sure sign of collapse

When your country wears more Depends than Pampers, economic disaster is sure to follow. In 2012, adult diapers outsold baby diapers in Japan. The....More
Jan 28, 2013

Organic production and the labor problem3

Organic farming is often touted as the one and only sustainable system for crop production, but do we really want to de-evolve technologically?....More
Jan 25, 2013

The fiscal cliff fallacy and the debt burden for our kids and grandkids3

Each person's share of the U.S. national debt has topped $50,000 — and it's continually increasing....More
Jan 24, 2013

Slow resolution of USDA minority discrimination suit stokes fires of bitterness

Tired of waiting for resolution of Pigford II, the Memphis-based Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association is stoking the fire under those....More
Jan 23, 2013

Beltwide musings – less cotton, more food and a changing industry

The Beltwide Cotton Conferences will undergo further downsizing in 2014. But it's still going to be a great place to gather information on cotton....More
Jan 23, 2013

National debt not greatest challenge facing the country3

We survived. We avoided that fiscal cliff, which was considerably steeper and significantly more hazardous than what we face today, and emerged—....More
Jan 18, 2013

To the manor born: The Golden Age transformed to a self-service society2

Perhaps the oil rich in the Arab world, or noveau riche tycoons of China, India, Mexico and other countries where there is still a huge poor....More
Jan 18, 2013

Chalk one up for the Hudson family farm1

A judge recently ruled against the Waterkeepers Alliance for its suit against the Hudson family farm's poultry operation. Usually talkative about....More
Jan 15, 2013

Road to Damascus change for anti-GM apostle Mark Lynas2

In a shot heard round the GM world, Mark Lynas, a pioneer in the anti-GM movement, came out as a full-fledged advocate of GM crops and his reversal....More
Jan 11, 2013

We celebrated our mother’s life

My mother, like all mothers, was not perfect. She tended to be a bit overprotective of her five children. She hung onto things like scraps of fabric....More
Jan 11, 2013

U.S. healthcare: A tortuous trail of inefficiency, waste, and fraud1

Health care costs have increased at a greater rate than the U.S. economy in 31 of the past 40 years....More
Jan 10, 2013

Consumer Reports arsenic alarm still having an impact

A Consumer Reports article on arsenic in rice is still having an impact on brown rice consumption, according to a recent study....More
Jan 04, 2013

Opting out of Union? However imperfect, it’s still the best anywhere

However imperfect life in the U.S. may be according to the particular standards of the secessionists, it’s still better than almost any place else on....More
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