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Dec 14, 2015

‘Ecocide’ trial could have ramifications for future of farming

Activist organizations say the lawsuit in the Court of International Justice is not merely a symbolic one, but rather an attempt to establish “....More
Dec 11, 2015

China betting big on GM crops, cloned food animals

The acceleration of biotech adoption by the Chinese has been fueled by the populations’ increased prosperity. Folks with more cash in their billfold....More
Dec 08, 2015

Better plants with no DNA fiddling? Yes, scientists say

Gene editing technology “could be the next step in ending food shortages,” scientists say....More
Dec 01, 2015

‘Catchy’ phrases not helpful in fight to grow crops

Environmental activist groups' press release muddies the waters for development of new herbicides and insecticides needed to increase world food....More
Nov 24, 2015

Arlim tomatoes and the end of summer

Oftentimes, the uglier the tomato, the more awesome it is....More
Nov 24, 2015

Despite its faults, thanks for the greatest country on earth

The determination, endurance, perseverance, and sacrifice of the Pilgrim founders, and the sacrifices of those who fought in defense of our freedoms....More
Nov 23, 2015

Highway bill: Kicking the can down the road only part way

Congress passed yet another BandAid temporary funding measure — the 34th time in the last six years they failed pass a long term transportation bill....More
Nov 16, 2015

It wasn’t a fancy, expensive Rolex, but what do you expect for $9.95?

A watch that looks halfway decent, costs $9.95, runs three years-plus, and keeps surprisingly accurate time, is little short of amazing....More
Nov 12, 2015

Cuba farm technologies and soundwaves to combat invasives

The trade embargo being lifted will certainly benefit U.S. agriculture and provide Cuba with quality food. But might the benefits to the U.S. farmer....More
Nov 09, 2015

Playing politics: The drying up of ag and food sales to Cuba1

Sales of U.S. food/ag products to Cuba have dropped precipitously since the Obama administration announced limited easing of sanctions....More
Duck in flight
Nov 04, 2015

Avian influenza and duck season: commonsense advice1

So what should duck hunters be cautious about going into the new season?....More
Nov 02, 2015

Amid the griping and sniping, some reasons to be grateful

In an age where griping and sniping about almost everything seems the order of the day, it’s refreshing to consider some of the good things....More
Oct 30, 2015

Irony in retreat on attack on crop insurance program

Was cut in crop insurance rate of return for providers part of a plot to generate support for budget deal?....More
Oct 26, 2015

Clarifying an issue for voters — and it’s all as clear as mud

The verbiage on the Mississippi ballot to “explain” Initiatives 42 and 42 A — written in indecipherable bureaucratese — has only further muddied the....More
Oct 22, 2015

"A warning: Patience wearing thin on trade agreements"1

American farmers want to know that commitments made in trade agreements will be met by other countries, says Dermot Hayes, Iowa State University....More
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