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Aug 10, 2015

Feed the world? Many consumers don’t see it the way farmers do

Surveys by the Center for Food Integrity show American consumers rank feeding the rest of the world dead last on their top 10 list of food concerns....More
Aug 06, 2015

Food terror, needles, nails, and the Batman

The sabotage has actually been going on for a while. The first needles were discovered last October. The farm where the potatoes were produced halted....More
Aug 03, 2015

When China’s economy hiccups, world economies get the jitters

“What happens in China moves through all the world’s major economies," says cotton analyst O.A. Cleveland, Jr. "A setback in that economy makes the....More
Jul 29, 2015

The rain in the South falls mainly where it feels like it

Rains in mid-July pushed the drought a little farther away for the Mid-South, but the crops -- and growers -- still have a long way to go in 2015....More
Jul 20, 2015

Hate your job? The robot that replaces you couldn’t care less

As technology becomes ever more sophisticated, the trend escalates: fewer and fewer people are needed to do many of today’s jobs....More
Jul 14, 2015

Is that fancy tractor really yours? Well, maybe, kinda, sorta

The U.S. Copyright Office is expected to issue a ruling this month clarifying what you can or can’t do with things you buy that are operated by....More
Jul 09, 2015

Pick your poison wisely, especially on the Internet

You can't make this stuff up -- most people get too much of their information from webistes with an agenda....More
Jul 06, 2015

A frozen Garden of Eden: Cary Fowler, consummate seed saver

Memphis, Tenn. native Cary Fowler is on a mission to preserve world crop diversity by collecting and saving seed for crops no longer used in modern....More
Jul 01, 2015

And with your hamburger how about a side of porn?

Can somebody tell me where I can get one of those gorgeous, juicy, half-a-foot-high hamburgers we see in TV ads? The ones you actually get are all....More
Jun 25, 2015

Field days can bring the heat, but shed light on agriculture’s importance

Field days give producers, university and industry representatives an opportunity to see how things work in the field even if they do typically take....More
Jun 22, 2015

Careful: That french fry or apple pie may alter your genetic makeup (not!)

“If you look at food packaging, you might think the three most terrifying letters in the English language are GMO.” — Jon Stewart....More
Jun 15, 2015

Mike Espy on ag sales to Cuba: ‘Don’t wait—go there, meet farmers’

"I believe things are going to open up relatively soon” with Cuba, says former Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy, and those wanting to do business....More
Jun 15, 2015

Congressman finds bucking trend can be problematic

Congressman bucks trend in defending legislation that would reauthorize the Export-Import Bank, which helps facilitate purchases of U.S. exports....More
Jun 08, 2015

Ag technology: It's now what’s hot for venture capital investors1

Start-up companies targeting plant and animal health are increasingly attracting backing from venture capital funds....More
Jun 02, 2015

Ag R&D: Are cutbacks in spending endangering future productivity?

Cutbacks in spending on agricultural research and development have allowed past productivity gains to slip away as economic and environmental....More
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