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Jan 12, 2011

U.S. cotton production – best imitated, not dismantled

Cotton production in the West African country of Burkina Faso is expected to significantly increase in 2011, thanks to technology from the United....More
Jan 11, 2011

Dick Winters, a true American hero, dead at 92

Major Dick Winters, hero of Band of Brothers book, TV series, has died....More
Jan 07, 2011

The tax man cometh: state/local levies rising

The tempest in a teapot over tax cuts at the federal level seems to have overlooked continuing increases in state/local taxes....More
Dec 30, 2010

Enjoying the worst of two worlds

Economic recovery in developing nations is forcing American consumers to pay higher prices with less cash on hand....More
Dec 22, 2010

The sights, sounds and smells of Christmases past

The smells of Christmas dinner were overpowering. But whatever our noses may have promised us, in the end our stomachs proved no match for the....More
Dec 21, 2010

In season of peace and hope, both seem ever elusive

In the Christmas season of peace and hope, both seem ever more elusive....More
Dec 17, 2010

Ultra-low gossypol cottonseed holds much potential

New ultra-low gossypol cottonseed could become a major income source in the future, says Cotton Incorporated Director of Research Bob Nichols....More
Dec 14, 2010

Corn – from moonshiner trunk to NASCAR tank

Starting in 2011, NASCAR will fuel all races with E15, a 15 percent corn ethanol blend. It’s the start of a great relationship between the racing....More
Dec 10, 2010

Ag exports: How long the bright spot in trade picture?

How long will agricultural exports remain the bright spot in the U.S. balance of trade picture?....More
Dec 07, 2010

Oprah's couch, WikiLeaks and the USDA's farmer lawsuits1

Roll out the red tape — and possibly the red carpet. Roll it right up to the USDA collection booth and let the compensation flow. Better yet, dump....More
Dec 03, 2010

Fast food purgatory and the elusive McRib1

Fast food purgatory: sales overkill wastes time and gasoline, and Mickey D's return of the elusive McRib....More
Dec 02, 2010

Palmer pigweed – don’t wait to see if it’s resistant

Glyphosate-resistant pigweed is a huge challenge for Mid-South producers, consultants, biotech companies, seed companies and weed scientists. Most of....More
Nov 26, 2010

How long will taxpayers subsidize Big Oil?

With a public hue and cry to cut government spending, how long will taxpayer dollars continue to subsidize Big Oil?....More
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