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Jan 03, 2012

Agriculture today – golden age or wishful thinking?

U.S. farmers enjoy their best run in decades thanks to high prices for many crops, livestock and farmland and strong global demand for corn used in....More
Dec 29, 2011

As battered, bedraggled 2011 fades away, some wishes for the new year

As 2011 fades away, some wishes for the new year....More
Dec 29, 2011

Airport indignities becoming a way of life

I recently purchased a plane ticket to a city out west that cost as much as a 46-inch, HD TV. You think the airlines are trying to tell us something?....More
Dec 27, 2011

The best Christmas gifts don’t come from the mall or online browsing

Christmases past: the best gifts didn't come from the mall or online ordering....More
Dec 27, 2011

North Korean freak show rolls on: fat men and famines1

Kim Jong il leaves behind a legacy of platform shoes, puffy hair, Swedish hookers, a vast cognac collection, ostrich farms — and oh, maybe a million....More
Dec 19, 2011

The farmer and the financier: a tale of Buffett’s billions2

While Warren Buffett pulls Wall Street levers and guides a multi-billion dollar company, his son Howard would rather spend his time — on a tractor....More
Dec 16, 2011

When guidelines become regulations: tackling the EPA’s sleight-of-hand1

Regulatory issues are likely to continue to be an area of skirmishing as discussions for the 2012 farm bill go forward....More
Dec 13, 2011

Christmas without the giant, green toilet bowl brush1

When will we learn that nothing says Christmas like a real, American-grown tree, complete with cedar smell and falling needles, in all its imperfect....More
Dec 12, 2011

China’s gunboat diplomacy not aimed at U.S. agriculture2

Trade will never be separated from politics. Wish it were so; it’s not. However, trade should never be separated from pragmatism either. Regarding....More
Dec 09, 2011

In slashing funding for ag, seniors, kids programs, don’t overlook bloated defense budget

"Defense spending is now absolutely off the charts by any modern historical measure -- this level of spending is absolutely staggering."....More
Dec 09, 2011

Agriculture takes on factory environmentalism

Has the Waterkeeper Alliance become the very type of institution it professes to despise? It sure looks like it....More
Dec 09, 2011

ROL (return on life) an important factor when making farm decisions

I’ve been covering agriculture in one form or another since 1976. If I had a nickel for every farmer I’ve interviewed, every meeting I’ve attended,....More
Dec 05, 2011

Qatar lounges way to fattest nation on earth — blame potatoes1

America has been outdone in the obesity wars. According to a recent article in The Atlantic, half of adults and a third of children in Qatar are....More
Nov 29, 2011

MF Global: funds found but mystery deepens

As FBI and Justice Department investigations into the collapse of MF Global continue, there have been several developments in recent days....More
Nov 28, 2011

Bt cotton – organic groups continue to ignore its benefits

The organic cotton crowd doesn’t want genetically modified varieties in its certified organic designation. A recent study shows why it should be....More
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