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Mar 18, 2011

U. S. farmers need to make corn, not apologies

American corn farmers don't need to make apologies. They need to make corn....More
Mar 11, 2011

Farm & Gin Show: Ag folks are the best

Mid-South Farm & Gin Show takeaway: Folks in ag are just the best....More
Mar 10, 2011

Sustainable agriculture warm, fuzzy, indefinable

Sustainable agriculture cannot be clearly defined — yet it is a warm and fuzzy term to consumers, especially since the alternative is unsustainable....More
Mar 04, 2011

Food supply vs. population: Malthus 200 years later

If current food trends continue, "By 2050, we will not have a planet left that is recognizable," says Jason Clay, who addressed the annual conference....More
Feb 28, 2011

Climate change, how does agriculture adapt?

Is it best to stop climate change through some bureaucratic tonic, or learn to adapt to it....More
Feb 28, 2011

Food crises topple world leaders

Bloomberg Businessweek commentators Eric Pooley and Philip Revzin offered a very sobering look at the world’s food crisis recently....More
Feb 25, 2011

Herbicide resistant weeds costing farmers millions in lost yield, increased expense

Herbicide-resistant weeds costing farmers millions in lost yields and higher production expenses....More
Feb 25, 2011

Herbicide resistant weeds cost farmers millions

Herbicide-resistant weeds are costing Mid-South farmers millions in additional herbicide and management costs, plus lost yields....More
Feb 24, 2011

Cotton mill tour rekindles memories

The first real job, the first work I did for which I got a company paycheck, was in a cotton mill. The summer after I graduated from high school my....More
Feb 18, 2011

Farm groups stepping up education efforts

Farm groups are urging members to contact members of the House and Senate to ask them to consider changes to the more draconian measures in H.R. 1....More
Feb 18, 2011

Oprah, Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin: OK, Google, need I say more?

Oprah, Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin: OK, Google, need I say more?....More
Feb 18, 2011

Alexandria’s traffic circle – a dizzying ride

Before you get on Alexandria's traffic circle -- you better know where you're going....More
Feb 18, 2011

I remember picking cotton as a kid but it wasn’t worth $2 a pound in ‘53

If cotton had been selling for $2 a pound when I was a kid, my whole life might have changed....More
Feb 14, 2011

Rep. Rick Crawford ready to ‘fight the fight’ for farmers

Mid-South agriculture received a huge setback in 2010 when Marion Berry, an Arkansas Democrat, retired after seven terms. Replacing the influence and....More
Feb 11, 2011

China’s changing labor/wage picture an influence on economies worldwide

China’s changing labor/wage picture an influence on economies worldwide....More
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