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Apr 23, 2012

Cottonmouths, armadillos and leprosy — pick your poison1

I was suddenly at one with nature, holding up a 15-pound armadillo — and I was shaking with tsunami ferocity. Absurd scene: me holding a live....More
Apr 22, 2012

Boll weevil fund sweep is pennywise, pound foolish

In Louisiana, boll weevil funds totaling $766,000 were caught up in a fund sweep of more than $198 million to help pay for health care and other....More
Apr 20, 2012

Billions to support elected leaders while nation’s problems go unsolved

The average voter has an increasingly difficult time relating to a Congress that includes a large percentage of millionaires and multi-millionaires,....More
Apr 19, 2012

Crop insurance, conservation cuts counterproductive

Legislators considering significant cuts in farm program benefits, including slashing funding for federal crop insurance, would do well to think....More
Apr 17, 2012

Last month’s burning question – has spring really sprung?

Last month, as the Mid-South basked in the June-like warmth of an early March sun, one question burned in everyone’s mind. Had spring really sprung?....More
Apr 16, 2012

Mid-May Colombia FTA and free farm bill buttons

According to Sunday reports, U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk expects the U.S./Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to be active on May 15....More
Apr 13, 2012

Though costly, military’s utilization of biofuels represents step forward2

By making an investment in alternative fuels, the military is taking a step toward insulating critical defense services from the uncertainties of....More
Apr 10, 2012

Farm bill debate starting to heat up

While it’s a long shot that U.S. agriculture will see a new farm bill by the time the old one expires later this year, the information gathering....More
Apr 06, 2012

Can you hear me now? A giant leap into the smart phone world

A tardy adopter's entry to the smart phone world: Can you hear me now?....More
Apr 04, 2012

Top seeds competing in the 2012 growing season

The NCAA tournament, where high-flying athletes run up and down the hardwood for the glory of their college, is a lot like a typical march through a....More
Mar 30, 2012

Export bans wreak havoc with commodity markets

These days, forecasting commodity prices has became a crap shoot, especially with foreign governments squirreling away stocks and implementing export....More
Mar 30, 2012

At what cost the disconnect between agriculture and the public?3

There is an increasing disconnect between boots-on-the-ground agriculture, the consumer public, and those who write farm programs, enact rules and....More
Mar 23, 2012

Election 'chickens' coming home to roost for farm bill debate5

Farm-state congressmen say Ryan Budget Plan puts next farm bill in limbo....More
Mar 23, 2012

Renaissance man, patriot, farmer: a memory-filled farewell to Sid

Over the years, Sid Branch raised sheep and cows, grew grains and cotton, planted a pecan orchard and pines, was a pioneer in all manner of....More
Mar 19, 2012

Old computers hold more than digital memories

Every now and then, office closets must be cleared of stuff that either doesn’t work anymore or is close to achieving the status of artifact. This....More
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