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Aug 24, 2012

Farm group coalition faces uphill battle

The coalition formed by the nation's largest farm organizations will find persuading House leaders to pass a new farm bill a tough sell....More
Aug 24, 2012

U.S. energy independence by 2020? Uhh, haven’t we heard this before?2

Our energy appetite is voracious — and Mideast oil is, for the foreseeable future, the easiest way to feed that hunger....More
Aug 24, 2012

Cotton research and promotion – creating a better pencil

Most cotton producers know about the agronomic research carried out by Cotton Incorporated’s Cotton Research....More
Aug 21, 2012

Crappie fishing brings luck of the gool

“Slab. Slab. Slab,” I slowly recited, while rubbing the gool’s white belly with a convert’s conviction. The gool’s transformation from a fish to a....More
Aug 17, 2012

Killing those awful earmarks: And just whose ox got gored?

There is no little irony that some of the states whose populace so enthusiastically championed abolishment of congressional earmarks had been among....More
Aug 10, 2012

Alphabet soup: New farm legislation will offer an expanded roster of programs

“We’re going to have to educate some folks in the banking industry and financial sector on what these new government programs will and won’t do,”....More
Aug 06, 2012

Proposal to waive RFS is ‘void of justification’1

As drought hammers the Midwest Corn Belt, ruining yields and farmer livelihoods, calls to amend the renewable fuel standard are coming out of the....More
Aug 06, 2012

The drought from here: hunkered down, praying for El Nino

In the lead-up to August, triple-digit temperatures have been all too common and it’s too hot for all sorts of summer activities usually taken for....More
Aug 03, 2012

Digging GM potatoes with the Irish

Ireland’s version of the EPA has given the nod to genetically modified potato field trials. The reaction to the announced four-year trials has been....More
Aug 03, 2012

When down becomes up: How 379 acres of peanuts got confused

A climatic inversion caused Don Self's peanut crop to start growing in reverse, resulting in the replanting of 379 acres....More
Aug 02, 2012

Senator Grassley slams Smithfield Foods exec over ethanol comments

Sen. Grassley takes the president of one of the nation's largest hog producers to task for comments about the need for waiving the Renewable Fuels....More
Jul 31, 2012

Bizarre farm bill journey takes another odd turn1

Unwilling to schedule floor time for the farm bill passed out of the House Agriculture Committee earlier in July, several attempts by Republican....More
Jul 27, 2012

Oh happy day: Mississippi continues to be free of crop-robbing boll weevil

“Mississippi growers have put a ton of money into the eradication program,” says Bernie Jordan, treasurer for the Mississippi Boll Weevil Management....More
Jul 24, 2012

What are we waiting for on the next farm bill? Christmas?

Nobody wins in the current standoff between the House leadership and the Agriculture Committee on advancing the new farm bill proposal....More
Jul 23, 2012

Changes in cotton policy coming in China?

China has run roughshod over free-market principles in its cotton policy. But could a change in leadership this fall mean a more business-like....More
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