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Aug 03, 2012

When down becomes up: How 379 acres of peanuts got confused

A climatic inversion caused Don Self's peanut crop to start growing in reverse, resulting in the replanting of 379 acres....More
Aug 02, 2012

Senator Grassley slams Smithfield Foods exec over ethanol comments

Sen. Grassley takes the president of one of the nation's largest hog producers to task for comments about the need for waiving the Renewable Fuels....More
Jul 31, 2012

Bizarre farm bill journey takes another odd turn1

Unwilling to schedule floor time for the farm bill passed out of the House Agriculture Committee earlier in July, several attempts by Republican....More
Jul 27, 2012

Oh happy day: Mississippi continues to be free of crop-robbing boll weevil

“Mississippi growers have put a ton of money into the eradication program,” says Bernie Jordan, treasurer for the Mississippi Boll Weevil Management....More
Jul 24, 2012

What are we waiting for on the next farm bill? Christmas?

Nobody wins in the current standoff between the House leadership and the Agriculture Committee on advancing the new farm bill proposal....More
Jul 23, 2012

Changes in cotton policy coming in China?

China has run roughshod over free-market principles in its cotton policy. But could a change in leadership this fall mean a more business-like....More
Jul 20, 2012

In the research pipeline: Ways to improve peanut production

The future of peanut production lies in biotechnology, says Dr. Marshall Lamb, research director at the National Peanut Research Laboratory....More
Jul 13, 2012

Bull market for crop theft

Crop thieves abound in agriculture and always will. It’s never about hunger — just greed....More
Jul 13, 2012

Jacob Megehee: From bull riding to Vietnam and back, the circuitous making of a cattleman

“I’ve had a lot of jobs over the years to get to the point that I could afford to be a cattleman,” laughs Jacob “Jake” Megehee, who with his wife,....More
Jul 10, 2012

Harvest of iron still haunts farmers

There are enough munitions buried in Europe’s farmland to keep demolition squads busy for several 100 years — and maybe the next 1,000. Death in the....More
Jul 07, 2012

Cotton industry working to regain lost demand

High cotton prices have reduced marketshare for the natural fiber, but the industry is working to gain it back....More
Jul 06, 2012

And will that be debit or credit? Hurtling toward the cashless society1

Now, we’re told cash, debit cards, credit cards are all becoming outmoded, that we’re headed to a cashless society, and that we’ll soon pay for....More
Jul 05, 2012

Pollinators peel back layer of God’s creation

All of nature’s beauty is not equal. There is a world of absolute wonder and marvel that is seldom seen. Just a glance behind the curtain — and the....More
Jun 27, 2012

Research funding – don’t throw baby out with bathwater

The Food and Water Watch, an environmental group based in Washington, D.C., released a study in June, “Public Research, Private Gain,” which directly....More
Jun 26, 2012

Bombs, ghosts, forages, and now peanuts: The evolution of tiny Prairie, Miss.

There is little hard information about the project that touched the lives of thousands of families and poured millions in wages into a post-Great....More
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