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Mar 23, 2012

Renaissance man, patriot, farmer: a memory-filled farewell to Sid

Over the years, Sid Branch raised sheep and cows, grew grains and cotton, planted a pecan orchard and pines, was a pioneer in all manner of....More
Mar 19, 2012

Old computers hold more than digital memories

Every now and then, office closets must be cleared of stuff that either doesn’t work anymore or is close to achieving the status of artifact. This....More
Mar 12, 2012

At 150 years, nation’s Land Grant system’s influence still far-reaching

Land Grant institutions apply agricultural and scientific expertise to better the lives of Americans in many ways....More
Mar 09, 2012

Political sea change: more alike but increasingly more divided

We who have been observers and chroniclers of these sea changes have tended to think they were the evolutionary result of modern-day Mississippians....More
Mar 08, 2012

America’s farmers: Thanks for the abundance

Today, March 8, is National Agriculture Day. And anyone who eats today or anyone who has comfortable clothes to wear or anyone who slept in a bed....More
Mar 07, 2012

One podium – seven former secretaries of agriculture

Seven former secretaries of agriculture seated at one podium. It was a rare and historic gathering of brain power at USDA’s 2012 Agricultural Outlook....More
Feb 22, 2012

Goodbye, Scarlett…

Feb 21, 2012

The seed we plant in a consumer’s mind is important too

It just goes to show, the seed you plant in a consumer’s mind can be just as important as the one you plant in the ground....More
Feb 17, 2012

Farming, baseball, and community service are young farmer’s priorities

Brad Spencer, who was recently named statewide winner of the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s Outstanding Young Farmer and Rancher competition....More
Feb 11, 2012

Food safety – clear conscience for Japan’s rice producers

If a government agency had just approved one of your field crops during a safety inspection, but you still suspected that something was wrong, what....More
Feb 10, 2012

How many pounds of $1 cotton are in a $1,100 (!) men’s shirt?

Prices for cotton men's fashion products take the value-added concept far....More
Feb 03, 2012

Rockefeller’s riches made riding coattails of commodities

John D. Rockefeller, the richest man in history, was once a young fellow who cut his business teeth on grain, hay and meats — agricultural....More
Feb 03, 2012

From the e-mailbag: some rebuttals on exporting of U.S. oil and fuels

“This implies that evil Big Oil will shaft the American consumer no matter what the supply. What do you have to say to those who use the same....More
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