Hembree Brandon

Editorial Director
Farm Press

Hembree Brandon, editorial director, grew up in Mississippi and worked in public relations and edited weekly newspapers before joining Farm Press in 1973. He has served in various editorial positions with the Farm Press publications, in addition to writing about political, legislative, environmental, and regulatory issues.

Articles by Hembree Brandon
Competition by other countries may alter U.S. corn planning
Increasing competition by other corn-producing countries is a factor that U.S. growers will have to consider in their cropping plans in years ahead, says John Anderson, American Farm Bureau Federation deputy chief economist, Washington.
Farmtastic: Teaching kids about agriculture
It is a shame, says Julie White, that today’s kids are whizzes with computers and all things video/digital, but most of them know zilch about agriculture. She started Farmtastic to try and correct that.
Farmtastic: Educating kids about agriculture
More than 1,000 third graders from a five-county area got a firsthand look at where their food, fiber, and other ag-related products come from during a four-day Farmtastic event at Mississippi State University.
Genetically improved pines offer faster growth, more uniformity
Genetically improved pine varieties can enhance the value of future trees 100 percent or more compared to open pollinated trees, according to Randall Rousseau at Mississippi State University.
Government payments: Are they less important for farmers?
‘It’s hard to get farmers engaged on the farm bill — there’s just a lot of apathy," says John Anderson. "Farm programs just aren’t as critical to the survival of today’s farmers as they used to be."
New farm bill will be 'markedly different' from those of the past
“In both the Senate and House farm bills, traditional commodity programs are taking a big hit and crop insurance is getting a big bump up,” says Keith Coble, Mississippi State University agricultural economist.
Racing the calendar for cotton programs in the new farm bill
As Congress' work days rapidly dwindle, the more potential there is for problems implementing cotton-specific provisions if the new farm bill is finally passed, says Gary Adams, National Cotton Council.
Pushing that big farm bill rock uphill
The story in Greek mythology of Sisyphus pushing a boulder uphill throughout eternity may be an apt metaphor for the ongoing attempt to pass a new farm bill, says John Anderson.
How sweet it is: Syrup-making a fall ritual for Terry Norwood 3
The fourth generation of his family to make sweet sorghum syrup, Terry Norwood sells the all-natural, nutritious treat locally, as well as shipping it nationally and internationally. His farm is at Etta, Miss.
Sweet potatoes farmer Danny Clark of Mississippi.
Sweet potatoes a life's work for Danny Clark
Danny Clark hadn't planned to be a farmer, but 40 years after college he's still growing the sweet potatoes that his grandfather started growing in Calhoun County, Miss., in the early 1900s.
Sweet treat: Making sorghum syrup a fall ritual for Terry Norwood
Molasses making spans four generations of Terry Norwood's family, and he's been making the all-natural sugary treat for more than 30 years on his Mississippi farm.
For brothers Mike and Mark Pannell, farming's a two-man show
Mississippi brothers Mike and Mark Pannell make use of technology and on-farm storage to enable them to manage their 2,000-acre operation without additional help.
Sweet harvest: Mississippi sweet potato crop coming in
Mississippi's sweet potato harvest, centered in Vardaman and the surrounding area, is in full swing, as growers dig and store the crop that will soon begin going to markets in the U.S. and overseas.
Ag Secretary Vilsack: Farm bill passage critical to ag research
Failure to pass a farm bill soon could jeopardize critical agricultural research programs, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said during a visit to Mississippi State University.
Weed escapes in sweet potatoes can be challenging
Weed escapes in sweet potatoes can be a challenge due to a lack of registered herbicides.
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