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Hembree Brandon, editorial director, grew up in Mississippi and worked in public relations and edited weekly newspapers before joining Farm Press in 1973. He has served in various editorial positions with the Farm Press publications, in addition to writing about political, legislative, environmental, and regulatory issues.

New weed management technologies will require additional safeguards
With new dicamba and 2,4-D technologies expected to be available to Mississippi growers in 2016, requirements for their use will be more stringent than for current restricted use chemistries, says John Campbell.
Late Mississippi cotton crop starts catching up
Weather delays have caused wide variability in growth of Mississippi's 2015 cotton crop, says Darrin Dodds, but in early July the crop was beginning to catch up.
cotton boll
Now it’s Turkey: Trade policy issues still plague cotton sector
U.S. cotton co-ops and private merchants have been dealing since October with an investigation launched by the Turkish government alleging dumping of American cotton into Turkey.
cotton boll weevil
Mississippi remains weevil-free, but south Texas still a hot spot
Mississippi is now in its seventh year of zero boll weevils, says Farrell Boyd, program manager for the Mississippi Boll Weevil Management Corporation.
As farm bill implementation proceeds challenges remain for U.S. cotton
“We have to remain diligent to protect cotton’s interests as implementation of the farm bill moves forward,” says Gary Adams, president and chief executive officer, National Cotton Council.
Farm bill implementation continues to challenge
Even though implementation is still under way for programs in the 2014 farm bill, there are “already amendments being introduced in Congress to try and weaken the legislation,” says Gary Adams, National Cotton Council.
New technologies to offer growers more cotton management options 1
Off-target movement and sprayer hygiene will be critical for dicamba and 2,4-D cotton technology, says Darrin Dodds, Mississippi State University Extension Service.
Be observant of resistance issues with key cotton pests
Adverse spring weather and planting delays have resulted in a somewhat abnormal insect situation for cotton growers this spring, says Mississippi Extension Entomologist Angus Catchot.
Monitor cotton square retention for insecticide effectiveness
Growers sometimes think they have insecticide failure with plant bug control, says Angus Catchot, Mississippi Extension entomologist, but the best way to determine this is through square retention.
O.A. Cleveland: Weather and economic uncertainties overhang cotton market
Weather problems in the U.S. and other major cotton producing countries, along with economic uncertainty in China, continue to add uncertainty to the cotton market, says Dr. O. A. Cleveland, Jr.
Amid uncertainties, cotton remains in a holding pattern
Weather is playing a major role in cotton’s fortunes, not just in the U.S. but worldwide, says O. A. Cleveland, Mississippi State University Extension professor emeritus and veteran cotton analyst.
On Swann Farms, cotton still figures in crop mix
“I enjoy growing cotton," says Guntown, Miss. farmer Hal Swann, "and as long as we’ve got a gin in the area, I don’t really want to give it up. It also provides a good rotation benefit.”
David Bennett: ‘I never wanted to do anything but be a farmer’
Given the downturn in corn prices, David Bennett, Jr., will plant less of the crop this year on his Benton County, Miss. farm, while boosting soybean acres and adding some grain sorghum.
Joe Street: A life of service to Mississippi agriculture
Joe Street has retired after 35-1/2 years of service to Mississippi agriculture in research and Extension, during which he participated in the massive expansion of rice acres in the Delta in the 1980s.
Mississippi State University wins competition to lead national UAV research effort
Mississippi State University will lead a consortium of 13 universities in operating a national center for research on unmanned aerial systems.
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