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Hembree Brandon, editorial director, grew up in Mississippi and worked in public relations and edited weekly newspapers before joining Farm Press in 1973. He has served in various editorial positions with the Farm Press publications, in addition to writing about political, legislative, environmental, and regulatory issues.

Revised worker protection rules will affect pesticide handlers
As a result of the federal worker protection rule changes related to pesticide handlers, there is more potential liability than previously.
Mississippi consultants announce 2016 scholarship winners
William Jeffrey Mansour, Greenville, Miss., and John Hartley North, Madison, Miss., are 2016 winners of scholarships from the Mississippi Agricultural Consultants Association.
Farmers on sounder financial footing now than in 1980s crisis, ag banker says
“Unlike the crisis of the 1980s, today’s commercial farmers are, for the most part, in sound condition,” says Gary Gaines, retiring president/CEO of Mississippi Land Bank.
Mississippi Agricultural Consultants Association annual meeting
Crop production and pest management issues were highlights of the annual meeting of the Mississippi Agricultural Consultants Association.
What's it take to be a successful farm CEO?
A successful farm CEO should be a strategic manager, says Danny Klinefelter, Texas A&M, “someone who anticipates, adapts to, creates or drives, and capitalizes on change."
Unmanned aircraft uses for agriculture 'limited only by imagination' 1
Unmanned aerial systems are efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, and safer — you don’t have a person in the cockpit, and they use a lot less fuel.
Cost-price squeeze may hurt underfinanced producers 1
Farmers who are just getting by year-to-year and loan-to-loan may be in for some stressful times financially, says Bryon Parman, Mississippi State University Extension agricultural economist.
Farmland values: A sharp downturn ahead? 3
An expected downturn in farmland prices may present "opportunities for financially secure farmers to pick up land at somewhat bargain prices,” says Bryon Parman, Mississippi Extension agricultural economist.
Software increasingly a key to farm management and growth
“We’re challenged to produce more with less — and two important components in doing this will increasingly be technology and management," says Mississippi producer Jeremy Jack.
Alternative irrigation sources can offer significant water savings
Delta farmers who used surface water, tailwater recovery, and on-farm storage systems were able to save 11,069 acre feet of water.
Donated forest serves as university laboratory, teaching tool
"It's a wildlife paradise," says Jeff Little in describing the 550 acre Mississippi State University Andrews Forestry and Wildlife Laboratory.
Sweet potatoes ‘a good, solid business’ for Jamie and Ricky Earp
The sweet potato industry has been experiencing solid growth, says Jamie Earp, president of the Mississippi Sweet Potato Council and 2014 president of the U.S. Sweet Potato Council.
Mississippi pheromone trapping program keeps sweet potato pest at bay
Mississippi’s trapping program for the sweet potato weevil, the No. 1 pest of the crop, got under way mid-July, about a week later than normal due to rain-delayed planting.
Sweet potato leader says: Agriculture needs Congress to resolve labor issues
"The labor regulation system is broken; Congress knows it’s broken,” says Kay Rentzel, executive director of the U.S. Sweet Potato Council. “We need the labor situation fixed."
Mississippi specialists say Bt soybean technology ‘impressive,’ but not available to U.S. growers
Bt soybeans, widely planted in South America but not available in the U.S., will offer Mississippi growers another option for control of caterpillar species if the technology is approved here.
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