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Forrest Laws, director of content for the Penton Media Agriculture Group, spent 10 years with a metropolitan daily newspaper before joining Delta Farm Press in 1980. He has written extensively on farm production practices, crop marketing, farm legislation, environmental regulations and alternative energy. He now oversees the content creation for Delta, Southeast, Southwest and Western Farm Press and for BEEF, Corn and Soybean Digest, Farm Industry News, Hay & Forage Grower and National Hog Farmer. He resides in Memphis, Tenn..

China’s lack of response creating more commodity market problems in U.S.
China's handling ot its stock market problems are creating waves that are being felt in U.S. commodity markets.
soybean harvest, combine
USDA raises soybean forecast above trade expectations
USDA raises soybean production forecast in its September crop report released today.
New Lygus trait could have unexpected benefits in cotton
Researchers testing the new Lygus trait that could help protect cotton from tarnished plant bugs are seeing other possible benefits for the gene.
Quest for higher yields brings change: Part III
Randy Dowdy says farmers have to take the soils they have -- and what the Good Lord gives them -- and make the best, most cost-efficient yields they can.
Taking aim at higher soybean yields: Part II
Having set a high mark for corn production, Georgia producer Randy Dowdy is setting his sights on a higher yield target for soybeans.
How do you grow 500-bushel corn? Start with 500-bushel stand
Growing record corn yields requires thorough understanding of the crop and faith that a higher power will provide.
Provisia herbicide could offer rice farmers new herbicide tool: Part III
Researchers with BASF are working with formulations of quizalofop herbicide that will provide control of traditional grass weeds in rice and can be tank-mixed with other herbicides to take out non-grass species.
U.S. corn record-holder hoping for big soybean yields in 2015
Georgia producer Randy Dowdy is trying to duplicate record-breaking corn yields with soybeans.
Developing new rice varieties with grass herbicide tolerance: Part II
LSU's Steve Linscombe says he may -- or may not -- have a new grass herbicide-tolerant variety in his test plots at the Rice Research Station in Crowley, La.
Climate software can help farmers make decisions: Part III
New software can help growers get a better handle on the weather conditions across their farms, which can number in the thousands of acres in some parts of the country.
Training students for precision agriculture explosion: Part II
Monsanto funds scholarships for a new Precision Agriculture curriculum at Mississippi State University. Interested students need apply.
Precision decision-making gaining acceptance in agriculture: Part I
Climate Corp.'s Climate Basic and Climate Pro promise to help farmers improve their efficiency by helping them schedule work on widespread fields without having to drive to each one to inspect it for suitability for field work.
Insect scouting critical as grain sorghum moves closer to harvest
Dow AgroSciences' Drew Ellis recommends growers and consultants continue scouting grain sorghum for sugar cane aphids as harvest approaches.
Rice heads
Lifting obstacles to rice sales could improve Cuban diets
Lifting government red tape could do more than open Cuban market to U.S. rice; it could mean improved diets for the Cuban people.
Open cotton bolls with modules in back
Ag Market Network panelists differ on price forecasts
Cotton market analysts give range of prices from 68 to 72 cents a pound on their estimates of price directions following the August crop report.
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