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Forrest Laws, director of content for the Penton Media Agriculture Group, spent 10 years with a metropolitan daily newspaper before joining Delta Farm Press in 1980. He has written extensively on farm production practices, crop marketing, farm legislation, environmental regulations and alternative energy. He now oversees the content creation for Delta, Southeast, Southwest and Western Farm Press and for BEEF, Corn and Soybean Digest, Farm Industry News, Hay & Forage Grower and National Hog Farmer. He resides in Memphis, Tenn..

App for irrigating cotton among new features at 2016 Beltwide
New cotton irrigation scheduling app to be one of many topics aimed at helping bolster the cotton industry at the 2016 Beltwide Conferences in New Orleans.
Corn Growers seeking market developments beyond ethanol: Part II
National Corn Growers Association leaders pushing development of new markets to increase demand for corn, corn-based products.
EPA sets higher RVOs for ethanol, biodiesel
EPA raises renewable volume obligations or RVOs for ethanol and biodiesel higher than expected, drawing praise and criticism from supporters and opponents of renewable fuels.
USDA releases final rule for long-awaited catfish inspections
USDA Food Safety Inspection Service promises "smooth and gradual introduction" as its implements new rule for catfish inspection program required by the 2014 farm bill.
Dow Chemical expects Enlist Duo to be available in 2016
Dow AgroScience's subsidiary of Dow Chemical says it expects Enlist Duo to be available for use in 2016 weed control season, company president says.
Oil state of Texas high on ethanol jobs, consumption: Part I
Despite its many ties to the oil industry, the state of Texas is becoming increasingly involved in the evolution of ethanol as a major fuel source.
Corn harvest
FDA denies request to require labeling of GMO-containing foods
Farm organizations and agribusiness groups commend Food and Drug Administration for rejecting requests to label GMO-containing foods from crops that are not materially different.
USDA announces $350 million for restoring conservation lands
USDA announces funding availability for restoring farmlands, grasslands and wetlands that need to be retired from farming or put to better use.
Precision agriculture good fit for current economics
Ag Leader Technology demonstrates its precision farming tools at its "Where Technology Meets Dirt" road tour in Clarksdale, Miss., this summer.
SCPA gives Ed and Ann Duskin big send-off to mark his retirement
The Southern Crop Production Association honored two longtime employees for the years of service and contributions to the crop protection industry.
Dow AgroSciences will work to restore Sulfoxaflor registrations
Dow AgroSciences says it will work diligently to support renewed U.S. EPA sulfoxaflor registrations.
U of A Webinar series to examine ‘Deep freeze for grain markets?’
University of Arkansas Systems Food and Agribusiness Webinars will examine grain markets and what growers can expect over the next few months, according to moderator Bobby Coats.
500,000-ton Cuban market would be ‘beneficial’ to U.S. rice farmers
Restoring U.S. sales of rice to Cuba could make a major difference in the outlook for the U.S. rice market, USDA economist says during University of Arkansas Systems Food and Agribusiness Webinar.
The big 2015 crops got bigger in USDA’s November crop report
USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service November Crop Production Report says 2015 corn, soybean crops will be larger than earlier forecast, sending prices lower.
Delta Council directors manage smiles despite gloomy forecast
Delta Council board of directors and guests hear presentations on what the future may hold for production agriculture and other agribusiness in the Mid-South region.
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