Ed Phillips

Managing Editor,
Delta Farm Press

Ed Phillips, managing editor of Delta Farm Press, is a native Mississippian and had daily/weekly newspaper and magazine experience before joining Farm Press in 1977. He has served in various editorial management positions for the company's farm, equipment, and professional turf management publications.

Delta Farm Press Calendar of Events
Meetings, trade shows, field days and conferences for those involved in Mid-South agriculture.
Top 10 stories for October 2015
Mid-South farmers tackling common problems and producing high-yielding crops are prominent in the most-read Delta Farm Press articles for October.
Top 6 articles in Delta Farm Press - Oct 17-23, 2015
Features on Mid-South farmers, House action on the Ex-Im Bank, and the value of alternative irrigation sources were among the most-read topics at Delta Farm Press during the last week.
Top 5 articles in Delta Farm Press - Oct 10-16, 2015
Marketing this year's corn and soybeans; rice market outlook; drones and ag pilots; ag economy outlook; and 108-bushel soybeans: the week's top articles.
10 top stories for September 2015
Here are the top 10 stories from Delta Farm Press in September 2015
Top 5 Delta Farm Press stories this week - Sept 11-17, 2015
Here are the top five stories this week for Delta Farm Press during the week of Sept. 11-17, 2015.
ICYMI: Top 7 stories of August 2015
Here are the top 7 stories from Delta Farm Press for August 2015.
Field too wet to plant
Rains swamp Mid-South crops
Rain and more rain continue to dominate Mid-South agriculture with delayed and prevented planting, loss of quality in wheat, delays to fertilization and applications of herbicides.
5 rice articles: medium grain in Mid-South, new technology, exports
Is there room for more medium grain rice in the Mid-South? Will the California drought result in more Mid-South rice?
Preparing to plant
6 resources as you prepare to plant
Wet conditions have delayed planting in the Mid-South. As they wait, here are some articles that can help prepare for the new season.
Farming the Arkansas Delta - Photos by Brittney Turner 1
Over an 18-month period, Arkansan Brittney Turner photographed farmers and others in the agriculture industry in the Arkansas Delta, “capturing the day-to-day operations of modern farming.” That project has resulted in Farming the Arkansas Delta, a 60-plus page coffee table book containing vibrant photos of her region’s rich fields.
Top 10 viewed Delta Farm Press photo galleries in 2014
Annual conventions and trade shows, farmers and their farms, irrigation and UAVs. Here’s a look at Delta Farm Press’ top-viewed photo galleries in 2014.
Top 10 blogs from Delta Farm Press in 2014
Anti-GMO propaganda, organic's claims, biotech in Europe, anti-pesticide conspiracies, the death of a well-respected farmer and Wall Street on farms... those were the subjects of the most read blogs in the Delta Farm Press in 2014. Here are our top 10 blogs from the past year.
Farmer Steve Skelton
Top 10 read articles from Delta Farm Press

What were the topics of most interest to readers of Delta Farm Press in 2014? Here’s the top 10 most-viewed articles for the year:

Rice seedlings
Mid-South rice this week – June 9, 2014
Abundant rainfall, which forced a late start for the Mid-South rice crop, is now delaying flooding of fields. And at the same time, weed control is becoming more difficult in the face of continuing rains and herbicide shortages. And, diseases are beginning to make an appearance.
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