David Bennett

Associate Editor,
Delta Farm Press

David Bennett, associate editor for Delta Farm Press, is an Arkansan. He worked with a daily newspaper before joining Farm Press in 1994. Bennett writes about legislative and crop related issues in the Mid-South states.

How are ag lenders approaching 2016?
In agriculture, lenders back producers in all sorts of economic climates. With the recent market downturns, what is the lender's perspective for 2016?
PPO-resistant pigweed moves into Mississippi 1
Mississippi's "Sunflower, Coahoma, Bolivar, Desoto and Tunica counties now have confirmed PPO-resistant pigweed.” -- Tom Barber, University of Arkansas weed specialist.
Frogeye leafspot, strobilurin fungicides and choosing varieties
“It is pretty safe to say if you have frogeye leafspot in Mississippi on a susceptible (soybean) variety, the fungus is resistant to strobilurin fungicides." -- Tom Allen, Mississippi State University plant pathologist.
Taproot decline: Mid-South soybean ‘mystery malady’ 1
The Mid-South’s soybean “mystery malady” now has a name — taproot decline. Unfortunately, there remain many questions about treatment.
Tri-State Soybean Meeting: asking questions and Pipe Planner
“We’re spending your money and we’d like to have your input. Ask questions and we’ll answer them.” -- Tim Clements, chairman of the Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board.
Grain rotations in the Mid-South: what’s best?
In the last 10 to 12 years as more corn has come into the Mid-South, what is happening to soybean yields? An ongoing, wide-ranging study is searching for answers.
Cuba Working Group goals and protecting farming operations
"We don’t want to get into a situation where we’re enabling the current (Castro) regime to utilize our commodities as political leverage or tools." -- Arkansas Rep. Rick Crawford.
Huge world soybean stocks keeping lid on market
It’s unhappy news but those looking for a quick cure to what’s ailing the soybean market are likely to be disappointed.
Soybean maturity groups, planting dates and ‘portfolio’ approach
What soybean maturity group should you plant? And when and where should you plant it? Following a lengthy study and analysis period, a team of Mid-South researchers have some answers.
Mississippi River crest pushes through Mid-South
While the Mississippi River crest has yet to move through the Mid-South, it isn’t expected to cause the devastation once feared.
Grain marketing oversight, addressing water use and policy tweaks
"We’re happy that many of the priorities being pushed by the agricultural sector were included in both the appropriations side and the tax side of what (Congress passed) just before Christmas." -- Andrew Grobmyer, Agricultural Council of Arkansas.
Bear’s shadow looming over grain markets
“The feedback we get from farmers is a lot of worry. They’re in a hunker down mode." -- David Glidewell, ADM Mid-South Regional Manager.
Late year anxiety builds as flooding follows major rains
“Right now, we’re not expecting any protected areas to be flooded. The (flood control) system will work as it’s designed. The low-lying unprotected areas, of course, will see a lot of water." -- Jim Pogue, with the Memphis District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Weather in 2015: a tale of three parts
“Based on the last six El Niños in Arkansas, they tend to be dry. Don’t be surprised if we end up with above-normal precipitation at the end of winter and then dry out.” -- John Lewis, National Weather Service.
WTO moves to banish export subsidies
"None of us are naïve enough to believe that just because these countries tell the WTO they’ll stop (export subsidies), they won’t find creative ways to keep on. But it’s better to have the agreement than not to.” -- Roger Johnson, NFU president.
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