Overall yields were another “unusual occurrence” with the 2010/2011 crop.

“There was a big discrepancy favoring the more northern area of the sugarcane belt versus the southern parishes along the coastline. That may sound odd because you’d think the farther north the growers are, the more their crops will be impacted by freezes. This year, though, that wasn’t the case.”

Viator says there has been a “constant back-and-forth (argument) in the sugar industry about the use of glyphosate ripeners. Using them is very profitable and probably the most studied practice in our industry. A lot of folks believe the use of glyphosate ripeners throughout the complete crop cycle reduces sugar yields rather than increasing them.

“Contradicting this train of thought is that the growers in the highest-yielding areas have historically been the heaviest users of glyphosate ripeners. The lowest yielding areas were those where glyphosate ripeners have been used the least. There may be no direct correlation but it is interesting.”